Words of Colour presents a Creative Response to COVID19


Words of Colour are hosting a programme of free professional development and creative wellbeing sessions for writers and creatives of colour. Led by individual members of the Words of Colour team on Zoom and IG Live, the virtual sessions will run between 26 May and 10 August, and will cover the following topics:

  • Conscious Isolation
  • A Space to Talk & Be
  • Build Your Profile on Instagram
  • Sustainable Design for Social Impact
  • Finance Clinic for Self Employed Creatives
  • Breathe, Overcome Fear and Nurture Creativity
  • Gain Clarity with Structural Thinking
  • Music, Spirituality and Giving Back
  • Reviewing and Interviewing 101
  • Building Your Digital Presence
  • Reflecting on Covid-19 as Creatives of Colour
  • Smartphone Filmmaking for Beginners

More details will be available soon. To register your interest for any of the sessions, please email info@wordsofcolour.co.uk


Do Not Despair: The Impossibility of Perfect Representation


“I do not think that this impossibility of perfect representation is a reason for seeing intersectional categorizations as inherently problematic. This is the way language works, and we need not despair because we cannot get the full picture in one particular statement or study, as long as we are clear about our partiality and imperfection.”

Lena Gunnarsson, ‘Why we keep separating the ‘inseparable’: Dialecticizing intersectionality’