Hypatia Feminist Philosophy Conference

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Next week I will be participating in my first feminist philosophy conference, which I hope will not be my last. It is the Hypatia conference in Philadelphia at Villanova University. My co-author and I are presenting a paper entitled:

“The Possibilities of Realism for Feminist Philosophy: Developing Intersectionality
and Standpoint Theory from a Critical Realist Perspective”

although we are up against some serious competition for audience – Prof Sandra Harding is presenting at the same time. So we will see how it pans out. However, there are a number of papers and speakers I am excited to hear and I can’t wait to be in such an exciting intellectual space!

Share more when I get back.

Do Not Despair: The Impossibility of Perfect Representation


“I do not think that this impossibility of perfect representation is a reason for seeing intersectional categorizations as inherently problematic. This is the way language works, and we need not despair because we cannot get the full picture in one particular statement or study, as long as we are clear about our partiality and imperfection.”

Lena Gunnarsson, ‘Why we keep separating the ‘inseparable’: Dialecticizing intersectionality’