Just Published! Critical Realism and Intersectionality

A preview of the published articleI am happy to share that I have just published an article in Journal of Critical Realism’s October 2014 issue.

Abstract: This article identifies philosophical tensions and limitations within contemporary intersectionality theory which, it will be argued, have hindered its ability to explain how positioning in multiple social categories can affect life chances and influence the reproduction of inequality. We draw upon critical realism to propose an augmented conceptual framework and novel methodological approach that offers the potential to move beyond these debates, so as to better enable intersectionality to provide causal explanatory accounts of the ‘lived experiences’ of social privilege and disadvantage.

Keywords: critical realism, critique, feminism, intersectionality, methodology, ontology

Reference: Martinez Dy, A., Martin, L., Marlow, M. (2014) Developing a Critical Realist Positional Approach to Intersectionality. Journal of Critical Realism, 13(5): 447-466.